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"Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Healing"

For the past 23 years, Dr. Tamara Pollack, the owner of East West Neuro-Acupuncture, has been providing the most advanced natural and non-invasive solutions for pain relief, flu symptoms, allergies, immune disorders, hormone balance, weight loss, anti-aging, depression, stress relief, and non-surgical face lifts. 


Dr. Pollack is now proud to introduce a modern treatment for cerebral and neurological disorders by integrating Neuroscience Acupuncture with Western Medicine. She specializes in treating neurological issues such as Stroke, Parkinson's, Migraine, Traumatic brain injury, Post-Concussion Syndrome, Bell's Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism and different forms of paralysis.


Types of Care We Provide

Integrating State of the Art Therapies

Allergy Treatment



Natural Flu Treatment


Pain Management

Hormone Replacement

Stress Relief

Weight Loss

Get Rid Of Your Allergies For Good


Modern Treatment For Neurological Issues


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