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Read How Patients Have Benefited From Our Treatments

Hormone Imbalance

“It took Tamara one visit to diagnose what six trips to the emergency room

and five months of seeing other doctors couldn’t. I was suffering from a hormonal imbalance

due to the onset of menopause which caused anxiety, nervousness, nausea, depression and an inability to cope with life in general. I had quit my job, couldn’t leave my home, was scared of everything and thought my life was over. Within four weeks of my first visit I was able to function again. She listened and worked with me using acupuncture, homeopathic medicine and herbal supplements. Not only has she been able to keep my hormones in check but she has improved

my over all general health. Whether it be a cold, sore throat, sinuses,

allergies or other minor ailments. I call Tami tell her what’s up

and she says “come on in.” I don’t have to wait

for an appointment two days later.”

~D. Shatzer


Sports Injury

“My name is Michelle. I am a 50 year old very active woman

and of course with that comes the injuries and the subsequent emotions all entwined.

With the many years of trust and of aid of chiropractors I have toiled my way through those times, but until I turned to acupuncture and Tamara, I didn’t have the means to encompass my whole body and mind.

This past winter I suffered a CL II strain of the MCL in my right knee which sidelined me in many ways beyond physically. As for the treatments with Acupuncture and especially the homeopathic injections I was able to side step an operation and was on my way to a summer where I could bike, hike and water ski.”

~M. Yeaman


"I would like to take the opportunity to recommend Tamara Pollack, Dipl. AC.

for the treatment of pain conditions. I came to Ms. Pollack last year for joint pain and inflammation in my hands, feet and knees. After several acupuncture

and injection treatments, the pain in my feet and knees subsided completely.

The multiple joint pains and inflammation in my hands have been narrowed down to two joints. My condition has deteriorated. I feel we have made immense progress with the pain and inflammation. I believe this condition will clear completely as other bodily systems improve under my treatment plan.

In my experience, Ms. Pollack is the best acupuncturist in the Denver area. Her vast knowledge and multi disciplinary approach makes her unique in the alternative medicine world. I encourage prospective patients to try this holistic path to healing. You will be happy with the results."

~ C. Dyer


Joint Pain


I’m completely addicted!


"I started seeing Tammy on a recommendation from a friend of mine. I was having food and environmental allergies. I’d done a blood test prior to seeing her and went off all the foods I was “sensitive” to – but low and behold the sensitivities didn’t go away….So my sinuses and my digestive tract  were still disgruntled.


I’ve done NAET and I’m a HUGE supporter of the test and clearing(s).

The results are AMAZING!


I can eat things again without feeling bloated, heartburn, or getting a sinus headache.


While doing the testing it’s also been identified that my neurotransmitters needed some help. I asked if she could poke for “grumpiness” and sure enough she can! I ‘m not only getting treated via acupuncture but the homeopathic drops are excellent as well. I’m feeling less irritable, sleepy, and anxious.


My brother came into the office to get treated and he now swears by it too- for anxiety, depression, and anger!

Tammy is FANTASTIC!"

-Heather McMinn




“I have dealt with clinical depression, hormonal changes

with an early hysterectomy and the ever challenging family life

of stepchildren and other systemic issues. Tamara has successfully identified, prioritized, addressed and ultimately given me a healthier life. I did not mention beforehand, I became very ill one and a half years before meeting Tamara. The doctors did not know the problem, they gave me endless amounts of trial medications, which all cost me my job and endless credit card debt while living on my own. Acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and Tamara’s endless resources have literally given me back my life.”
~Michelle Y



“I have been a patient of Dr. Pollack's for a year and a half to-date.

I had cancer surgery and received chemotherapy treatment following that.

Feeling dragged out and drugged up, I sought a doctor who might be able to provide some restoration to my system. After various phone discussions and interviews I felt comfortable that Tamara Pollack would be able to provide the treatment and guidance required to address my body's imbalances and creeping neuropathy. Neither of us expected nor received instantaneous results, however the progress was steady and fruitful.

After approximately one year under Dr. Pollack's care, my follow-up oncology scans and blood tests were showing abnormalities in the liver,

a common metastasis for colon cancer. After several months of skyrocketing readings and scans showing glowing nodules, the readings began to recede. Several months later the scans and blood tests returned to normal, all with no outside medical intervention or drug therapy. I went to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. I have collaborated with noted live diagnostic and transplant center in Denver.

I am very pleased with the knowledge, care and treatments provided by

Dr. Tamara Pollack. I have recommended her to friends and acquaintances with circumstances similar to mine. I also recommend her for treatment of those everyday quirks and upsets of a less serious nature that come upon us all."

-Curtiss Eckhardt



Non-Surgical Facelift

"About eight years ago my daughter gave me a gift certificate which opened the door

and changed my life to a new and more confident me. I received my first C.A.C.I. treatment 

that left my face looking refreshed and vibrant.  I knew then I was hooked!

A gift to myself that is inexpensive and uplifting-in more ways then one.


But I didn’t stop there. I was recently introduced to the Viatrexx Biotherapeutics. Now this procedure is done

with injections into the face and took a bit of convincing on my part. I have a needle phobia– afraid of needles my whole life.

After conversations expressing my fears and observing the procedure, I took the plunge! East West Health Professionals have put my fears to rest. After only a few sessions of injections, already my face is changing. My eyes are more open and some of my wrinkles are diminishing. Taking into account that I have restless leg syndrome that has left me without sleep for many years, the fact that my husband sees a difference is huge to me.


I am loving my new, younger look and would recommend this procedure to all women who want to age gracefully in a natural way and feel wonderful about themselves."

~J. Manzaneres


Non-Surgical Facelift

"I have to tell you, if you want to feel great about your appearance,

then do the collagen treatments I have done.   I have been a city bus driver going on ten years,

in the front seat always in the sun takes it’s toll on my face and skin. I see a lot of people daily and a lot of people ask me “What are you using on your face?” I have done a series of injections under my skin and neck approximately the size of a mosquito bite. Two of my bosses at work have said to me “You look younger, keep doing what your doing it’s working. You look about ten years younger.” Yay!!!!


Yes it really does work! You will be as impressed with the results as I am, you will not be disappointed.

I look 10 years younger and feel more confident about my appearance you will too!

I am going on 50, but have been told I look 40 yeaaah!! What I love most is that this is all natural and safe.

I just look and feel so much better. Try it you will not regret it. Thank you very much.

This staff is so very good and kind I have come to love them, you will too."



Stretch Marks

"During my pregnancy and after giving birth to my twins,

I tried every cream on the market to improve the appearance

of my stretch marks. Nothing worked. I thought my stomach would never look any better! About three months after I delivered my twins, I met Tamara one evening and we talked. By the end of the night I showed her my stretch marks and decided to try five Viatrexx injections.  The first photo was taken right before we started the Viatrexx injections. I had injections two times each week, after ten injections the second photo was taken. Look at the difference in coloring and toning! Who wouldn’t be happy with instant results like this? I am going to have one Viatrexx treatment each month as maintenance to further improve the appearance of my stomach. I love this product and would tell any woman or man with stretch marks not to waste money on over the counter creams. These photos have not been edited and I have the originals to prove it. I am happy to say that Viatrexx injections work!”





“I would like to take a moment and tell how much better the allergy treatments

are making me feel, I went from feeling real bad to almost no allergy symptoms

at all in just four visits. Working in construction and being an outdoors man it’s great not having to take prescription medicines to control my allergies any more.”

“I would like to take the opportunity to recommend Tamara Pollack Dipl, A.C. for the treatment of allergy conditions. I came to Ms. Pollack last year for environmental and food allergies. I was very sick, seasonally with pollens and grasses. In addition, I was sick with sugar, yeast, gluten, wheat, and strawberries. After acupuncture treatments, along with homeopathic and nutritional support, my allergies have subsided completely.”


Weight Loss

"I was 2 months postpartum when I decided to try this 10 day thing. My daughter at the time had severe reflux but I didn't know what I was doing would help her...During the 10 days I felt nourished, my energy was high, my sleep was peaceful and my hair and nails looked amazing! AFTER the 10 days, all of those great experiences stuck with me and I was shocked to know that my daughter's reflux was gone! And that power shake pumped my milk supply so much I was able to be a wet nurse for 2 friends' babies. Purium, you are a lifesaver!!!"

- Veronica G


Weight Loss

"I have been on yoyo diets all my life. The 10 day is an amazing tool I've used for 4 years now. It changed my relationship with food. I am free to enjoy life now with zero guilt. It's answered my prayers!"

- Piilani S



Macular Degeneration

“In June 2002, a stroke took 75% of my sight. Then age related macular

degeneration began to take what central vision had been spared by the stroke. I would be completely blind at 82 years of age! I began taking treatments of acupuncture and Micro-Current Stimulation from Tamara Pollack. By following her suggestions of minor diet changes, vitamins and herbs, I have seen the blind spots of macular degeneration disappear from my left eye. The spot in my right eye has been reduced by 90%. I do not have words to express my joy at being able to read and continue living my life."
L. Selwinder



"I entered East/West Health Professionals with the hopes of reducing

the number of migraines I get and decreasing the amount of

medications I take to either, prevent them or get rid of them once they have set in.

For over 15 years I have suffered from mild to severe headaches, all classified as migraines due to their repetitive nature and difficulty in finding relief.
Not only, has Tamara been able to help me achieve my goals, she has helped me understand my body and find the triggers in the food I eat and other environmental factors that play a part in contributing to the headaches that often take the enjoyment out of life. With the combination of homeopathic remedies and acupuncture, I have far fewer headaches, they are less severe when they do come around and they go away

much quicker with less medication needed.
Tamara and all of her staff are always a pleasure to visit, and it is especially comforting knowing you know you will leave feeling better than when you walked in,

emotionally and physically!"


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