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Viatrexx Body

Viatrexx address and to treat the causes of aging, such as lines, deep wrinkles,

improving tissue tone, slacking skin, cellulite and breast toning.


While Viatrexx is safe to use during pregnancy for stretch mark appearance,

their products also address both the internal and external causes of aging.


Viatrexx Collagen is a sterile solution made with isotonic sodium chloride.

The strength 6X supports the collagen physiological function, as the homeopathic

biological substrate acts as a supporter of the endogenous production of collagen.

The local mesotherapy technique of administration targets the area of activity and

aids in metabolizing fat.


Lastly, Viatrexx is also effective with reducing the appearance of cellulite and

stretch marks as a result of weight gain and pregnancy.


Standard Protocol


Viatrexx Collagen shows an initial flattening effect on stretch marks, however, as treatments progress the effect is due to a better metabolism on the area of application, not to a filling activity. The sterile homeopathic medicine is injected into acupuncture points where treatment is needed, with small inter-dermal needles. The session is about a half hour.

The standard protocol for admission is a total of 10 weeks, 2 sessions a week for the first two weeks, then once a week for the next two months.


A maintenance session every 4 to 6 weeks thereafter is recommended.




After 10 Treatments

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