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Viatrexx Face

The Viatrexx products address both the internal and external causes of aging. Viatrexx Collagen is a sterile solution made with isotonic sodium chloride. The strength a 6x supports the collagen physiological function, as the homeopathic biological substrate acts as a supporter of the endogenous production of collagen. The local mesotherapy technique of administration targets the area of activity.


Viatrexx Collagen shows an initial flattening effect on wrinkles, however, as treatments progress then the affect is due to a better metabolism on the area of application, not to a filling activity. The sterile homeopathic medicine is injected into acupuncture points where treatment in needed, with small interdermal needles. The session is about a half an hour The standard protocol for administration is a total 10 weeks, 2 sessions a week for the first two weeks, then once a week for the next 2 months. A maintenance session every 4-6 weeks thereafter is recommended.


VIATREXX Products have:




  • No local or general allergic reactions

  • No side effects in long or short term use

  • Optimum interaction with other Viatrexx Injectables


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