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This is a test text for allergies

Nambudripad's Allergy Treatment N.A.E.T. for short, is a holistic and non-invasive treatment used in permanently eliminating food and environmental allergies. It combines kinesiology (muscle testing) and Oriental Medicine to clear allergic reactions through a "reprogramming" of the brain. The technique used involves stimulation by using light pressure applied along both sides of the spinal column to specific acupuncture points which are associated with the individual organs of the body.

How do you test for an Allergy?

An instrument has been developed to assess and test sensitivities such as toxins and food and environmental allergens. This machine is called a Computron which is an extremely sophisticated computer-based tool designed for Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA). Its FDA registered instrumentation helps practitioners use principles and methods of eastern meridian science to perform functional evaluations, and to access the condition of energetically stressed or weakened systems.

According to meridian science, sensitive points on the skin, referred to as acupuncture points or “acupoints”, are linked along meridians-energetic pathways associated with organs and psycho physiological processes. As a persons body moves either towards or away from a state of health, associated stress conditions are communicated along the meridians and are reflected by shifts in electrical measurement values at the associated acupoints.

Using the Computron, the practitioner can conduct as Stress Vector Survey to measure and record electrical conductance at specific acupoints, establishing a picture of functional health. The machine uses a propriety method to produce its own digital interpretation of electromagnetic blueprints or “codes” that define and differentiate individual substances. Whenever Computron tests such as the Stress Vector Survey detect suspected functional imbalances in the body and allergens, a practitioner can use the equivalent codes to pre-screen potential therapeutic options for a patient.

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